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Enjoying A Fort Worth Whirlwind Tour

Enjoying A Fort Worth Whirlwind Tour

Don’t write off Fort Worth as a city that can’t measure up to Dallas, Austin, or some of the other more well known and popular tourist destinations in the state of Texas. Fort Worth is a city that has plenty to offer visitors whether going solo or making a visit with your entire family. This often overlooked city has so much to offer, and you can read on just to get a small taste of everything you may experience going through this city.

The Botanical Gardens
Fort Worth not only has a vastly underrated zoo worth seeing, especially if you have kids, but their botanical gardens have been winning the attention of residents and visitors since 1934. There are over 2,500 species of plants here and the vast array of blooming flowers and plants makes it an absolute must-visit if you enjoy natural beauty.

The Kimbell Art Museum
The Kimbell Art Museum is an absolute favorite not only because of its varied works of art on display, but its remarkable collection is also small at only around 300-350 pieces. This means you have enough to enjoy a remarkable collection and its variety while also being able to see everything in a relatively short amount of time so you don’t have to challenge your attention span.

Famous Sundance Square
Spanning a remarkable 35 blocks downtown, the Sundance Square is an entire neighborhood of popular bars, event venues, shopping, and entertainment. Anything you want to experience from a large city you can almost certainly find here at the Square. Shop for something special, catch a show, and just drift from one event to another on any given weeknight or weekend to get your share of entertainment. This is a definite must visit spot when you visit this city.

The Velvet Taco
A restaurant so good that it features both traditional and new take dishes and is widely known as one of the best places to eat in the entire city. It has a reputation that goes far beyond the city borders and offers a wide range of culinary options. There are some pretty remarkable tequila based drinks if you’re above age – making it a perfect combination for many visitors.

Beyond these popular stops you can customize your visit as you see fit whether it’s more museums and culture or going with more time in parks and green areas to reconnect with local nature – there is plenty for this city to offer if you are open to it!

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